SanDisk Photo Recovery Software

  • Particularly designed with an advanced scanning algorithm to scan the entire SanDisk flash drive at one go
  • Strong and trusted tool to rescue all formats of pictures including TIFF, CR3, RAW, JPG, PNG, MRW, etc.
  • User-friendly application to perform SanDisk photo rescue on all popular versions of Mac & Windows OS
  • Supports lost or deleted photo recovery from SanDisk flash drives and memory cards of any size
  • Simply rescue digital pictures from various types of flash drives of SanDisk including SD card, CF card, XD card, or MMC card

Have you lost precious photos from SanDisk drive?

Most of the people believe that the pictures stored on SanDisk memory card will be stored in a safe and secure manner? However, they are safe and secured until and unless you delete them intentionally or unintentionally. Let’s imagine a possibility, you have stored all your pictures of memorable moments on a SanDisk memory card. After a few days, you connected the card to your computer or laptop because you would like to show those pictures to your friends. You are so engrossed in chatting with them that you unintentionally clicked on delete file option. All your valued pictures from SanDisk card would disappear in a fraction of time. In such critical situation, the backup will assist you to come out of serious photo loss crisis. However, if you don’t have a backup of pictures which you have deleted then no need to be in a dilemma!!! As SanDisk Photo Recovery is an ultimate remedy to this very problem. This software is designed by a highly-trained team so that it can efficiently perform Sandisk memory card recovery to easily get back lost or deleted pictures.

Most common reasons for losing pictures from SanDisk flash drives or memory cards.

  • Sometimes while removing or erasing disused pictures, if the user deletes any beloved photo then the photo will get wiped. In that case, if the backup of deleted pictures is not available, then he/she has to lose his memorable pictures.
  • While transferring digital photos from SanDisk memory card to computer or laptop, if you hastily eject flash drive, it interrupts the pictures transfer course and eventually leads to rigorous photos loss.
  • In most of the times, a pop-up window appears when you connect SanDisk memory card to computer, like, do you want to format the drive now?. If the user intentionally or unintentionally hit format button, you will have to give up your valauable pictures.
  • Again, while scanning SanDisk memory card with a strong and effective antivirus application, if flash drive contains any malicious virus then antivirus deletes such threads. In such case, if the deleted picture is precious to you, dranstic photos loss is definite. This tool also retrieves photos lost due to this kind of scenario.

Unique Features of the SanDisk Photo Recovery App

  • Effectively rescue RAW files from SanDisk flash drives and all other brands of flash drives which are available in the marketplace.
  • It has the ability to recover photos from SanDisk memory card and other devices like iPods, external hard drives, USB drives etc.
  • Efficiently rescue photos from formatted/damaged/corrupted/inaccessible SanDisk memory cards.
  • Designed with an impressive find option to search any photo on the basis of file attributes like the name of a file, size of the photo, extension, date of creation etc.
  • Provides an option to save pictures rescue session in order to prevaricate rescanning of SanDisk thumb drive.
  • The link provides you the complete information about how to rescue photos from SanDisk chip.

Simple Steps to make use of the SanDisk Photo Recovery program

Step 1: Download and install this SanDisk Photo Recovery tool on your PC/laptop and connect the flash drive to PC then launch it to open its main wizard as shown in below figure.

SanDisk Photo Recovery - Main Wizard

Figure I: Main Wizard

Step 2: Select SanDisk flash drive from the list of logical drives/partitions as displayed in figure II.

SanDisk Picture Recovery - Select SanDisk Flash Drive

Figure II: Select SanDisk Flash Drive

Step 3: After scan process, you can preview and continue to save rescued files as given in figure III.

Recover Pictures from SanDisk - Preview Photo

Figure III: Preview Photo

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